Why Engage 360?

Once upon a time, companies prioritized “customer loyalty” initiatives focused on points- or cash-based rewards programs. Where various industries still leverage this model in some capacity, it no longer represents a “differentiator” needed for a company to weather disruptors and maintain their competitive advantage.

Engage360 delivers a holistic engagement offering, housing under one roof all of the topics that matter most in both employee engagement and customer engagement. Most importantly, the event will gather the rarely convened agents of employee and customer engagement for collaboration, benchmarking and networking.

Benchmark with engagement professionals in and outside your function (employee engagement and customer engagement)

Garner best practices for engagement using a case study approach from leading Chief Talent/People Officers and Chief Customer/Marketing Officers

Learn about and shop the various tools and technology vendors that support engagement capabilities for employees and customers

Walk away with new toolsets and tactical roadmaps for how to reinvent your holistic engagement strategy collaboratively between employee and customer functions

Experience various site tours, getting you out of your wheelhouse and expanding your thought process around what engagement looks like in different environments

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