September 25-28, 2017
Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop | 733 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL 60661

Jeffrey VanDeVelde

Former Chief Experience Officer, SunTrustBank
Engagement Thought Leader

Jeff is one of the leader innovators in understanding consumer behavior and applying this knowledge to help organizations drive the changes necessary to create more loyal and engaged customers and employees. Throughout his career Jeff has wored in the Financial Service Industry as a tireless advocate for improving the banking experience for consumers and businesses. He has developed and led multiple collaborative groups across all size financial institutions aimed at radically changing the way Financial institutions deliver experiences to their customers.  

Most recently Jeff was with SunTrust Bank, as SVP leading the Enterprise Customer Experience Center of Excellence. Here, Jeff and his team applied emerging customer experience disciplines combined with advanced behavioral analytics to uncover strategies for improving customer relationship and driving revenue. Armed with these new insights, Jeff and his team lead the redesign of the crticial consumer and business interactions that occur within a banking relationship.

Jeff has spoken to numerous audiences across the United States including many int he financial services sector, where he inspires executives by spreading his passion for the customer. He has published articles in the Harvard Business Review, DMI Magazine, BIA Banking Strategies and recently featured on a weekly radio show on Leadership in Business.

9:30 AM So You Think You Are Customer Centric

In today’s digital world, the customer is the director of their own experience.  If that is what makes the customer king, then companies are left trying to play a role in those experiences.  It is imperative that companies today deliver experiences that hold customers’ attention and lead to the outcomes they seek. This interactive session provides a framework for companies to assess and measure their level of customer-centricity and best practices for aligning people and customer strategies for holistic engagement. 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jeffrey.

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